Early View or 2D Scan

2D Ultrasound early view of a baby

Package Details

Price $59.00

5-7 minute 2D scan AFTER 7 weeks.
(4D Preview if under 12 weeks.)
See your fetal movement & hear the sound of your baby’s heartbeat.(Sound not recorded.)
Provide approximate gestation & estimated due date. (Will not replace your Doctor’s EDD.)
Four 2D glossy images printed.
 FREE 3D/4D Preview at the end of your session, if you are UNDER 13 weeks. 

(Not a 3D/4D Session or a Gender Check.)

Please Note:
This service is not eligible for a free return if we are not able to see an embryo.

* If you are less than 7 weeks and we detect the flicker of a heartbeat, we will downgrade to the pregnancy check. $49+tax

* If we are not able to see an embryo/sac, or hear a heartbeat. You will be downgraded to a sitting fee of $37+tax.

Add to your service:
Add a recording of your baby’s heartbeat to a heart shaped device for $25.00
Add USB with the movement and images of your 2D Session for $10.00
Add the digital video recording of your ultrasound service. – $5.00
Email 2D Images & MP4 File (video recording) for $10.00 (Takes 1-3 business day)


Women seeking an elective prenatal ultrasound at cherished memories must already be receiving treatment with a health care provider for prenatal care and have already undergone a medical diagnostic ultrasound to confirm due date, screen for fetal anomalies, and for any other pregnancy related concerns. During the elective ultrasound our certified technicians will be conducting a limited diagnostic exam to confirm number of babies, baby presentation, placental location, heart rate, and gender determination. Only if an abnormality is suspected your physician will be notified, and a report will be provided. Please note, that we cannot, and will not replace valuable diagnostic exams regularly ordered by your prenatal provider.

2D/3D/4D & HD-Live Ultrasound Pricing

All pricing and packages are subject to change without notice & do not include taxes.
Payments: We take Cash, Debit Card or Credit Cards with Chip Only, we also accept Android and Apple Pay as well as contactless credit cards.
(All credit /debit cards must be accompanied with a valid ID.)
Please Note:
For twins any gender service, there is a $15.00 fee
For twins 3D/4D or Hd-Live service, there is a $30.00 fee

To book an appointment and for direct and quicker assistance during business hours,
Please TEXT the following details to the number below, the following information:

Your Name, Gestational Age, Desired Location, Day And Time.

(562) 377-7317

The contact form below is an appointment request and will be viewed/responded to during business hours. For immediate help with booking please call or text (562) 377-7317.

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